1.    In these terms and conditions “the company” means C f Joinery and “the customer” means the person or company whom the estimate has been prepared.


 2 A.  The customer is responsible (when supplying own goods) that on the agreed  Installation date the materials are on site if this is not the case then a fixed charge of £100 will be payable to the company.

B.  The company will do all that it reasonably can to meet the date given for installation. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, beyond the reasonable control of the company, the company may not be able to do so. In such circumstances the company will contact the customer and agree an alternative date.

C.   The company Installers will carry out any installation work described in the works schedule. If additional works not described in the works schedule are found during the course of installation to be necessary, these works will be estimated for separately and carried out with the permission of the customer.

D. The company will use reasonable endeavours to keep disruption to water, gas and electricity supplies to the minimum reasonable practicable.

E.   Removal of any pre-existing unit or old fixtures may cause damage to surrounding areas, particularly bathrooms. The agreed price does not cover ‘making well ’. Neither dose it cover painting, decorating or tiling unless specifically stated in the works schedule.

G.    Materials such as pipes, fittings, sealants and adhesives needed during installation will be added onto the final bill.

The costing of such will not exceed £50.00 without the customer being informed by the company. If cost rises more than the £50.00 stated the customer will be informed and a new agreement will be arranged by the company and customer.


3A    Contracts are made and accepted subject to these conditions.

  B.    All Installation times are estimated and are given in good faith and are not legally binding.

  C.     All materials supplied by the company shall remain the property the company until payment is made in full.

  D.    The customer is responsible for obtaining all necessary planning permission and local authority consent and permission for the work to be carried out. In carrying out any work the company will assume that the necessary consents and permission have been obtained and accepts no responsibility what so ever in the event that they have not.

 E.      The customer shall, where applicable, and at there own expense Acknowledge that no liability is accepted by the company for hidden site defects.

(Please remember this is an estimate and MAY NOT be the final price).

 F.      Any custom made joinery by outside contractors i.e. – doors stairs windows a deposit must be made prior to manufacture the deposit depends on the value of the product.

G.       A deposit maybe required if the value of works exceed our credit level.

H.   Where materials are requested to be delivered to site for valuation or due to size of contract before they can be fixed/incorporated into the works, the cost and responsibility for the safekeeping of these materials passes to the customer.


A. Payment is 7 days or 30 days as specified on invoices.

B. Late payment will incur charges.

C. Statutory Interest rate Charges are at 8% APR on overdue balance.

Paying by BACS (Banker Automated Clearig Service)

If you wish to payby BACS you will need the following Details

Sort Code- 30-95-13

Account No – 01094625



4A      we will not be responsible for any swelling/shrinkage to timber due to moisture content unless adequate acclimatisation has been applied.


5A. Due to the cost increases of the disposal of waste materials/rubbish we have no alternative but to charge a small fee for this service (minimum charge of £25 depending on size) unless specified.


6A.   A fee of £50 will be payable to the company If customer cancels after signing Confirmation form.

B.  The Company has the right to cancel at any time.

C. The customer shall, where applicable pay for any goods/materials bought and or made by the company in the case of the customer cancelling after work begins.